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Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Outdoor Adventures

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North Carolina, Online
North Carolina Veterans Outdoor is a non-profit with a goal to help those that need to know they matter, and they are heard. We lose 22 veterans a day to suicide, this number is…
North Carolina, Online
Bended Knee Outdoors is a faith based 501c(3) organization that is committed to helping veterans, families and disabled children and adults in the healing process by bringing them to the outdoors….
North Carolina
Frontlines 2 Outdoors (F2O) is a 100% volunteer based NonProfit Organization based in North Carolina to honor and serve our Frontline Heroes to include our Veterans – Past & Present (Active and Non-Active Military)…
North Carolina
The Reason Outdoors goal is to take veterans, first responders, and their children on various trips including hunting, fishing, and other adventures. We wish to show everyone the benefits of our organization and why…
North Carolina
We want every soldier, sailor, and airman to feel appreciated for their sacrifice to this grateful nation. Our  mission is to demonstrate our gratitude to our service men and women by  offering meaningful outdoor…
Arizona, Arkansas and more
As our primary Get Off The Couch program, SDIA offers Outdoor Adventures (OAs) to ENGAGE Sheep Dogs in physical activities that foster camaraderie, peer support and healing. For our sponsored Sheep Dogs (those injured…
North Carolina
Battle Scarred Outdoors is a Charlotte, NC-based non-profit organization that honors our true American HEROES with hunting and outdoor activities. We plan and provide hunting trips at no cost for local Armed Forces veterans,…
Florida, New York and more
Healing Through the Outdoors is veteran owned and operated and we understand how it is to feel like you are alone or that you have no one to talk to that will understand what…

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