Healing Through the Outdoors


Florida, New York, North Carolina

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About the organization

Healing Through the Outdoors is veteran owned and operated and we understand how it is to feel like you are alone or that you have no one to talk to that will understand what you are going through.  As a 20 year Navy Veteran with combat deployments, I know what it is like to deal with things that most people could not even imagine.  As veterans, our realities are quite different from those that have never seen or experienced what life outside of the freedoms and liberties of the United States is like.  As a retired veteran, my goal is to share my passion of the outdoors with others in the hope that it will give them the same peace that I have found by enjoying all that nature has to offer.  I enjoy getting veterans and children out for the first time to hunt or fish and see that light in their eyes when they take their first shot or get their first catch.  I especially enjoy being able to help those that are disabled to get out and enjoy something that they thought they would never be able to do again.  We make every effort to make whatever accommodations need to be made for our clients in order for them to get the full experience and enjoyment from whatever adventure they choose.


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