Spiritual healing for wounded warriors. A special thank you is extended to our attending warriors for your service to our Republic, your sacrifice, your courage, and for attending our events. All of you are…
    North Carolina
    We want every soldier, sailor, and airman to feel appreciated for their sacrifice to this grateful nation. Our  mission is to demonstrate our gratitude to our service men and women by  offering meaningful outdoor…
    Nevada, New Mexico
    We are volunteers, many of whom have served in the US military, who donate their time, talents and treasure to further the vision of Buck Bedard. Our volunteers have experience guiding others on hunting…
    At Hickory Hills Veterans lodge our goal is to give a helping hand up to our veterans in need, using a multiple of the empowering programs, established and used over many years. Our self-help…
    The Wyo West Warrior Foundation was founded in 2017 as an event aimed at providing a retreat to  re-connect and re-establish the camaraderie  between veterans every Labor Day weekend in Sheridan, Wyoming….
    Kansas, Missouri and more
    Our main goal is to get our Veterans and Active Duty Military involved in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, water sports, etc….
    The Armed Forces Initiative introduces the military community to public lands and waters by providing outdoor adjunct therapy to enhance their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being while providing them a new mission as conservationists….
    What started as “Bonfires with Bentley” with our founder, Landon Bentley, ignited the idea for Warrior Ridge. Landon has said that from day one, he and his brothers were taught to take care of…

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