Board members

Bob Bowden, President and Founder

A retired Army officer passionate about hunting, fishing and retrievers. He founded TheLink-Up.org, to give back to Veterans and First Responders who may need or want a hunting or fishing buddy.

Gene Preston, Vice President and trustee

Gene retired as partner in 2021 from Dermody Properties, a logistics property development company. An avid fisherman and bird hunter, he is eager to lend a hand with Bob Bowden’s mission to help veterans and first responders experience hunting and fishing opportunities.

Tom Vollers, Secretary and Trustee

Tom is the CEO of VOLLERS, a 74 year old family-owned site development contractor in NJ, PA and NY. A devoted hunter, fisherman, private instrument pilot and scuba diver, he is enthusiastic and passionate about helping Veterans and First Responders forge lasting relationships through hunting and fishing experiences.

Tyghe Vallard, Trustee

Tyghe loves to fish, play ultimate frisbee, and aid in any technology solutions to help the mission of TheLink-Up.org

Patti Bowden, Treasurer

Patti is a financial leader day to day, but she loves being active outdoors with our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. As a military spouse, she is inspired to help veterans and first responders get out and pursue their own outdoor passions.


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