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Our Mission is to bridge the gap between Health-Care & Self-Care. Assisting in achieving overall health and wellness. Empowering Montana’s Veteran population in reaching their optimal well-being in every element of wellness, through healing…
Montana, Online
The Montana Veterans Outdoors (MVO) page is for ALL veterans who enjoy the outdoors – past and present, regardless of branch, MOS, or experience. You can use this page to reach out and support…
We help Veterans and their families transition to civilian life through outdoor adventures and life-long family advocacy. When a Veteran enters our family, they go to the heart of our organization. Lifelong Family Advocacy…
Montana, Texas
The goal of Evoke Changes Outdoors is to provide therapeutic adventures to veterans, first responders and youth with the intention of finding wellness in the wild. By reintroducing the outdoors through therapeutic activities, paired…
Montana, Online
This is a page for vererans, active, family of service members and people who support what we do and have done. This is a page for all of us to reach out to othes…
We are volunteers who believe the outdoors and activities like hunting and fishing bring individual service members together physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations go to providing these…
Montana, Nationwide
The Armed Forces Initiative introduces the military community to public lands and waters by providing outdoor adjunct therapy to enhance their mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being while providing them a new mission as conservationists….
Arkansas, California and more
Veteran Nonprofit Organization dedicated to helping fellow combat veterans find support, hope & healing in the battle of transitioning back into civilian life, through faith based programs. Donate today and help honor our military…

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