Evoke Changes Outdoors


Montana, Texas

Montana, Texas

About the organization

The goal of Evoke Changes Outdoors is to provide therapeutic adventures to veterans, first responders and youth with the intention of finding wellness in the wild. By reintroducing the outdoors through therapeutic activities, paired with emotional coping skills, we can improve quality of life and daily functioning.

Cultures from the dawn of time have been collaborating using hunting and fishing as a tool for connectiveness and survival. Our aim with Evoke Changes Outdoor is to create a culture of community where others can develop skills that are applicable in all facets of their life. It is Evoke Changes Outdoors belief that by reintroducing the outdoors to others, we can improve their daily functionality through alternatives therapeutic outlets. We help others build therapeutic outlets through activities like fishing and archery. Adventure therapy is a mental health therapy discipline that uses the natural environment to help individuals cope with and overcome cognitive, behavioral, social and affective concerns or disorders. This is finding true wellness in the wild.


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