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A Non-Profit organization focused on helping our Nation’s military, police and firefighters experience the outdoors in thanks for protecting our freedom….
Colorado, Florida
Colorado and Florida kayak fishing adventures for Veterans….
The Mission of RSF is to provide the opportunity for service-connected disabled and combat Veterans to improve overall Health and Well-Being from Blue Therapy through boating, fishing, and socialization with other Veterans. RSF is…
Arizona, Arkansas and more
As our primary Get Off The Couch program, SDIA offers Outdoor Adventures (OAs) to ENGAGE Sheep Dogs in physical activities that foster camaraderie, peer support and healing. For our sponsored Sheep Dogs (those injured…
OUR MISSION STATEMENT To show them our sincere gratitude for their bravery, honor, dedication and willingness to give their all, we take our soldiers fishing. Naples Take A Soldier Fishing is a 501c3, non-profit…
Fishing For Warriors is a nonprofit organization focused on real change. We do this though connecting Veterans to one another through our love for fishing….
We at Outdoor Valor offer a fully guided fishing experience for all Veterans of all time periods for no cost.  We specialize in PTSd therapy and Gold Star family members. All Veterans deserve a…
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Healing Through the Outdoors is veteran owned and operated and we understand how it is to feel like you are alone or that you have no one to talk to that will understand what…

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