Healing Through the Outdoors

Healing Through the Outdoors is veteran owned and operated and we understand how it is to feel like you are alone or that you have no one to talk to that will understand what you are going through.  As a 20 year Navy Veteran with combat deployments, I know what it is like to deal with things that most people could not even imagine.  As veterans, our realities are quite different from those that have never seen or experienced what life outside of the freedoms and liberties of the United States is like.  As a retired veteran, my goal is to share my passion of the outdoors with others in the hope that it will give them the same peace that I have found by enjoying all that nature has to offer.  I enjoy getting veterans and children out for the first time to hunt or fish and see that light in their eyes when they take their first shot or get their first catch.  I especially enjoy being able to help those that are disabled to get out and enjoy something that they thought they would never be able to do again.  We make every effort to make whatever accommodations need to be made for our clients in order for them to get the full experience and enjoyment from whatever adventure they choose.

Area of Operations Inc

As every soldier is trained to engage in their Area of Operations, hunters are as well. Currently based in New York, development of Area of Operations Inc (AO) was founded by Kenneth and Shannon Scarlett to engage hunting and fishing communities from the novice to avid sportsman as a platform to learn various aspects of hunting and fishing from one another. From field to table, the thrill of the chase begins and ends with thoughtful preparation. To maintain gainful harvest, it is imperative to respect nature and manage populations by differentiating when it’s appropriate to take the shot or give the animal time to walk. Having much respect for the military and our Veterans; as well as First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers, we intend to donate a portion of the proceeds generated from each sale to a veteran’s organization as our own organization continues to grow.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors

Wounded Warrior Outdoors, Inc. is a non-profit organization exclusively founded to provide wounded servicemen and women with therapeutic outdoor adventures across North America. WWO gives deserving Active Duty Warriors in transition the opportunity of a lifetime in the wilderness location of their choice. We call them “Adventures Enabled.” Their adventure could take them bear hunting in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, on alligator hunts or fishing excursions in the Gulf Coast region of Florida or deer hunting in Texas. During their experience, they will participate in therapeutic activities such as backpacking, trail expeditions and numerous social interactions.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors provides this all-inclusive adventure at absolutely no cost to the servicemen and women, their families or the government. Transportation, lodging, meals and documentation of the adventure is provided free of charge. It is because of this arrangement that Wounded Warrior Outdoors relies entirely on private donations. Administration, general offices and personnel services are donated.

In order to maintain this highly effective organization, we need the support of private individuals and corporations. At Wounded Warrior Outdoors, over ninety percent of all donations directly benefit these Active Duty Warriors in transition.

Fifty wounded, but active, members of the military are selected to participate each year. Our host facilities are of the highest quality and offer all the comforts of home. WWO also provides complete outfitting including gear, clothing and field transport. Even taxidermy services are provided at no charge.

Most important to the program, Active Duty Warriors in transition are provided with all the accessibility and equipment necessary to make it an adventure that is truly memorable and one in which they can participate fully. No matter the individual’s disability, our focus in on ability and making sure their adventure becomes the memory of a lifetime.

All military branches have participated in our program and we have many relationships with military hospitals that help us facilitate our programs.

Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures

To provide fun outdoor adventures at no cost to our Wounded Warriors, Battle Buddies, Veterans and their families. We host fishing, hunting, camping and boating events primarily in Northern New York as well as others throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp

A Service for Our Military Service Members

Offering our wounded veterans the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy a hunting or fishing trip with all expenses paid, our group focuses on uniting fellow Wounded Heroes on our outdoor adventures. On our trips, our Heroes create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Wounded Heroes Hunting Camp is here for our Heroes, and we hope that you will share in our passion and commitment to do what we can for the brave men and women who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms. We believe that healing begins on the hunt! ​​

Primitive Patriot Outdoors

Dedicated to preserving the tradition of the sportsman and women. We are a veteran owned and operated company. We are here to give advice, promote the gear we use, and help give you the tools to be successful in the field. Founded October 13, 2020, Josh had this vision to create a network to promote conservation, preservation of our public lands, and how to be ethical sportsman and women. Also, our future goal is to be able to raise money and send disabled veterans on dream hunts.

We strive to help bring the outdoor community together through our unique hosted events such as the WNY Walleye Classic, the Barcelona harbor outdoor expo, and The American Big Buck Classic. We also run the Heroes Hunt, a program that helps veterans and first responders find peace through outdoor adventures.


Hooks for Heroes

Hooks for Heroes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that gives back to American Veterans & First Responders by providing them with free of cost fishing trips to help cope with the physical and mental injuries during their service. We encourage a positive outlet for these heroes and offer them a day off to relax, unwind and have a chance to catch “the big one!

Catching Dreams LLC

My name is Captain Ned Librock founded Catching Dreams LLC in 2015 to provide free guided fishing trips on Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Niagara River.

We work through several partners, [Carly’s Club from Roswell Park Cancer Institute] and [S.E.R.V. Niagara]to provide no charge charters to kids and young adults battling cancer, disabled veterans with PTSD, and those who have served our country in the military.

Angling Therapy, or Piscatorial Therapy, provides a unique and relaxing experience for the kids and veterans!

The goal is to help bring hope and healing to those we guide on their adventure by “turning wishing into fishing”!

Each charter lasts about 6 hours, features a fully loaded and professionally guided boat and provides our guests with snacks and drinks … not to mention photos and a ball cap to commemorate the trip!

Our goal is to provide as many charters as possible, and we want to express our sincerest thanks to our corporate and individual sponsors and partners who work behind the scenes to make these trips possible.

Catching Dreams LLC is fully insured, and we work for free! Our goal is “turning wishing into fishing” for kids and veterans! Take a few minutes to look through our website and see the great results from 2015!


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