Wings Up Outdoors




About the organization

Wings Up Outdoors was established to provide preventive measures, to the rapid response. We provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor trips to veterans, Gold Star children and first responders. We understand that many heroes miss two things when they leave their service, causing them to go into a depressive state that many struggle with: brotherhood, and the mission. Many organizations provide once in a lifetime trips to veterans allowing them to unwind, but we focus on those two factors.

We love to hunt and fish, but the fireside chats after a long day brings that brotherhood full-circle. We also aim to inspire veterans to give back to the cause as well giving them a new mission to look forward to and focus on. We hope these vets feel the impact and decide they want to help us reach other vets. We also want to get these vets to invest in Gold Star children, taking them out on a few of our events as well. We want to build love for the outdoors in future generations.


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