Over the Edge Outdoors




About the organization

Over the Edge Outdoors is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our brothers and sisters, who have given years of their life in service to our great country.

Over the Edge Outdoors is dedicated to providing Veterans and Active Duty Service Members with connections to like-minded individuals. Using the healing power of nature and the great outdoors, we forge genuine and meaningful friendships between soldiers and vets.

Once you leave the service, it can be hard at times to maintain those sacred bonds we formed while serving our country. We move back home, our buddies get transferred, or just the fact that we’re out of the service can distance us from people we once trusted our lives to.

Our vision with O.T.E.O. is to help service members and vets to reform those close connections, and to maintain that kinship that we crave. Out in a deer blind, out on the lake slinging arrows, or just hanging around the campfire after a hunt, nature brings healing that we all need.


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