Creek and Timber Legacy

Creek and Timber Legacy began a journey in 2019 to help veterans, first responders and families of the fallen to enrich their lives through outdoor experiences. We have partnered with numerous organizations and individuals to further our mission to provide outdoor learning, hunting and firearm therapy.

Courage Incorporated

We provide free all-inclusive outdoor wilderness excursions to individuals and veterans with physical disabilities, and to those living with chronic/terminal illness, in an effort to help them get into the woods and get on the water.

Camo Cares

Camo Cares was founded in 2010 by a small group of volunteers from Knox, Pennsylvania. With the initial hope to send just one child on a hunt, we were able to surpass our goal and raised $20,000 that year! By 2012, with no paid employees, we had reached $90,000, allowing us the opportunity to also sponsor hunts for wounded military veterans.

Brothers-Sisters of our Military Adventures (BOOM)

BOOM Adventures is a non-profit organization created to give back to our Veterans, active members of the military, and First Responders by providing outdoor bonding experiences and opportunities to confront mental and physical hardships. 

By creating relaxing, memorable experiences with family, we proudly show our support for these local heroes on a personal level, allowing them to communicate freely and effectively.

Helping a Hero

Recreational Programs

The organization provides ongoing support for wounded warriors and their families, with priority given  to home recipients. Support includes financial support, sports events, fishing and hunting outings, rodeos,  Operation Merry Christmas, and others. Over 300 wounded warriors receive assistance.

Patriots on the Fly

Patriots on the Fly is a non-profit charter club of Fly Fishers International, Inc. dedicated to delivering educational services to disabled veterans in Ohio. Patriots on the Fly shall provide a rehabilitative process and provide a healthy community for disabled veterans by embodying the skills of fly tying, fly rod casting, general fly fishing education and on-the-water fly fishing instruction & techniques.

Downrange Outdoors

This group is going to be specifically made for US military veteran more focused on the Florida panhandle area to get us and help our brother sisters outdoor whether it’s fishing or hunting. I would like to possibly have BBQ, fish Fry’s, cook outs, for us veterans that love to hunt and fish get together. Eventually I would like to get a local businesses to sponsor a hunt or fishng trip. Try to get some giveaways going and other prizes. But the main goal being help our veteran brother and sisters when in need.


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