Veterans Hooked on Recreational Therapy

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between Health-Care & Self-Care. Assisting in achieving overall health and wellness. Empowering Montana’s Veteran population in reaching their optimal well-being in every element of wellness, through healing and sustainable growth using Montana’s great outdoors.

CJ3 Foundation

The CJ3 Foundation provides Wounded Heroes with a fully hosted, professionally guided outdoor hunting adventure. This experience provides Wounded Heroes the opportunity to harvest a wide variety of animals on quality properties for lifetime experiences. The outdoor activities aid in the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as providing social interaction that allows the Wounded Heroes to transition back into their daily lives. The initiative enables our Wounded Heroes to return to the great outdoors and reexperience hope, optimism, and motivation through hunting experiences. Wounded Heroes find natural therapy from the wilderness and on the water. On our trips, our Wounded Heroes create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Operation Odyssey Outdoors (FB Only)

Operation Odyssey Outdoors Inc. is a 501(c)(19) non-profit organization that exists to serve Veterans of the United States Armed Forces that have served in imminent danger areas across the globe and of all eras. Our mission is to honor our Veterans and their family members by engaging them in the healing components of the great outdoors, programs and services, promoting camaraderie, wellness, and empowerment.

Operation Hook it. (FB only)

I have an idea that as a fishing community and as a veteran we have a lot of opportunity to save some lives, or at a minimum spread some smiles. so what I am looking to do is set a day and have 300 veterans go out as guests on a day and go fishing. whether that would be a mix of possibly a party boat that could take 45 or 50, a couple of the six-pack charters and a group of private boats can take one or two people each, add a few people that would be willing to take somebody surf fishing and possibly a couple of people with an extra kayak or two. . obviously this is going to be a lot of work coordination and effort


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