S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie




About the organization

The S.O.N.S. (Save Our Native Species) of Lake Erie Fishing Club is an active organization of nearly 3000 members. Established in 1981, we are dedicated to the improvement of fishing on Lake Erie and its Pennsylvania tributaries. The organization has supported regulations that promote the growth and health of the Lake Erie fishery. We are a member of the Cooperative Nursery Branch of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Through this alliance we have established a fish hatchery that annually produces and stocks approximately 1 million Walleye and 2 million Yellow Perch into Presque Isle Bay. Steelhead and Brown Trout are also produced in the hatchery. The S.O.N.S. also participate in the P.F.B.C. adopt-a-stream program. We were active in the clean up and stocking of Cascade creek, a previously polluted stream which was a receptor of industrial out fall. The Club, partnered with the P.F.B.C., has annually built and placed appropriate structures in the waters of Presque Isle Bay which provide habitat for the fish that call these waters their home.  
The S.O.N.S. have stood in the forefront to support free public access to the waters of Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie. As a result of the clubs encouragement, ordinances and regulations have been enacted in the City of Erie that provide for free public access in all new developments on Presque Isle Bay

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