Healing Patriots

Canada, USA



About the organization

Healing Patriots is designed and dedicated to helping injured Veterans and First Responders find opportunities to go fishing with a variety of experienced fishermen across the Midwest of the United States and Canada. The goal is to help restore confidence in our Veterans and First Responders so they can get out on their own to further develop these therapeutic opportunities and develop opportunities to still serve in their community.

A multiple day Fishing Expedition or Ice Fishing Expedition with Healing Patriots will help Veterans and First Responders kick start a path to a positive and healthy lifestyle, but with the support of fellow comrades dedicated to working with them. The ultimate goal will be to help educate them not only in the sport of fishing, but to provide assistance with resources that are available to help them and their families as they transition from military and public service to civilian life.

Additionally, we strive to help our heroes overcome the challenges related to physical or mental health concerns and utilize educational benefits for career opportunities.


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