Disabled Outdoorsmen USA


Minnesota, Texas, Utah

Minnesota, Texas and more

About the organization

Weston Jenkins was driving home after a day of hunting with his cousin TJ when a name and idea popped into his head: Disabled Outdoorsmen USA.

Weston said TJ is the main inspiration behind Disabled Outdoorsmen and he wants to give other people like TJ the chance to explore the outdoors. His vision for DOUSA started out as a simple notion to make people who have disabilities feel like they can do anything they want to do while putting aside their worries and stress concerning their situation. In the midst of planning, organizing and networking for DOUSA, Weston has also graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and Sales for Texas State University. Weston is now a real estate agent under Texas Landmen.

​While there are some organizations that do what Weston’s does, most are focused on one group of individuals, such as Wounded Warriors. Weston wants his organization to be as inclusive as possible, whether it be an amputee or person with down-syndrome, he wants to help people make the impossible into a possible.


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