Big Sandy Veteran Outdoor Adventures




About the organization

Our mission is to provide a complete year-long outdoor experience for Veterans of all armed service branches offering every hunting and outdoor adventure that Lincoln County has to offer. Our program is not just a single hunt or single season opportunity, but instead Veterans may take full advantage of hunting all species of wildlife over the span of an entire year. The organization would like to cover all costs associated with the experience to include licenses, meals, lodging, gas and any other expenses that may be incurred so the Veterans may enjoy their experience and time in Lincoln County. This is our way of giving back and saying thank you for the sacrifice that they have made for our Country. The organization will select a small number of Veterans to participate in this program based on: whether the veteran is financially unable to pay for the outdoor experiences being provided, whether the veteran demonstrates that the outdoor experiences will assist the veteran in addressing the emotional stresses and trauma of past service in the armed forces, and whether the veteran has a service related disability. Their immediate family/dependents will also be able to participate. The selection and application process requires applicants to provide their service information stating their discharge status or if they are active duty; a letter stating they are in good standing with their current command. The Veterans we have chosen for this year are Ian Place, Ernie Gordon and Matt Kible.

This program will be held on a yearly basis for 365 day access to their full hunting experience. The date will begin on March 1st of the current year and run through February 28th the following year. The Veterans will have access to the property during the times that are specified by the State of Colorado for their specific licensed hunt. The initial location for this program is on the Big Sandy Ranch just south of Hugo approximately 15 miles. This has the potential to expand to other areas of Lincoln County in the future.


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