Forces and Fire

Forces and Fire’s Inc. mission is to provide a safe outdoor recreational experience for any disable/combat veteran, firefighter or law enforcement officer and their families, where they can utilize their strengths and their independence. We will show them that they have not been forgotten and will give them an opportunity to succeed, and realize their contribution to their community and family. Forces and Fire Inc. was founded on the belief that it our mission to help any veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement officer that was injured in the line of duty to be able to enjoy a outdoor recreational experience with other people that are going thought the same experience they’re going though. We will encourage that families be part of this experience. Forces and Fire Inc. would like to give a veteran, firefighter, or law enforcement office the ability to enjoy a outdoor active with their family or by themselves that would not be possible because of the injury they has received, do to their line of duty injury.

Darby’s Warrior Support

The DWS Mission is to provide physically and emotionally injured post 9/11 Special Operations Combat veterans with all-inclusive Arkansas hunting and fishing opportunities in an environment that comforts, encourages and fosters rehabilitation, recovery and transition.

California Waterfowl Association Veteran Hunt Program

The program promotes wellness through outdoor healing and the camaraderie of fellow veterans. Participants have enjoyed hunter education courses, fun shoots, fishing trips and hunts for waterfowl, dove and turkey from the Klamath Basin to the southern San Joaquin Valley.

CWA coordinates all hunt details and supplies food and lodging, shotgun shells, guns, jackets, gear bags, duck calls, shirts, hats and more to all participants. Hunts are free and are limited to veterans.

All of these hunts are open to any veteran currently serving or who has served in the military, naval or air service and was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable. A committee reviews applicants and selects veterans best suited to enjoy the hunt.

In addition to these opportunities, the Hunt Program has blinds reserved on most lottery hunt days for people who are veterans and/or mobility impaired—click here for more information.

10 Can Outdoors

Faith and family are key life elements for military and first responder personnel, yet most support organizations have historically overlooked their significance (this is why 10 CAN was created). Our public awareness campaign is changing that! By serving children and spouses we gain access to the hearts and minds of our nation’s heroes. It’s there that spiritual healing happens, and faith is rebuilt.

Our goal is to be proactive in suicide prevention by using nature as a foundation to grow strong childhood roots, a means to heal hidden wounds, restore relationships, and ignite a purpose-driven life.

Commitment, loyalty, and sacrifice are character traits of a warrior ethos which is often wounded in combat. We revive and reward heroes who continue to serve by providing free adventures for them and their families.

​ If you’re looking for a faith-based patriotic conservation group that incentivizes healing, introduces thousands of women and children to hunting, and teaches the needy to fish, then we invite you to join our mission by becoming a member today. ​ We’re an assembly of grassroot nonprofits, churches, outdoorsmen, and volunteers working together to heal heroes, raise warriors, and restore hope through faith, family, and the great outdoors.


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