North Carolina Veterans Outdoor Official Page (FB)

North Carolina Veterans Outdoor is a non-profit with a goal to help those that need to know they matter, and they are heard. We lose 22 veterans a day to suicide, this number is something that NCVO wants to help lower. This organization truly believes that bringing together veterans, allowing them to talk and have a great experience at the same time will help lower this number. NCVO welcomes all veterans to our group, and we hope to have a wide reach in the state of North Carolina

US Vet Connect

There is always hope.
There is always someway to reach out and something to experience.
There is something to look forward to.
Free to the charities & Free to the veterans finding their next adventure. US Vet Connect-Outdoor is bridging the gap between veterans and the outdoors. By providing a place to come together to find that military comradery in outdoor experiences. The mission is to raise awareness for organizations that have a direct impact on veterans’ lives and to make it as user friendly as possible for the veteran to find their next adventure.

Veterans Fishing NW

Our main goal is to get our Veteran friends off the couch and enjoying the bounty of activities here in the NW. Share away

Veterans Outdoor Opportunities

This is a group where all veterans can sign up for outdoor adventures, veteran discussions, and anyone who is willing to help out the veteran community. This group is open to everyone – Veterans, Landowners, Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Supporters. If you are a veteran we will take you hunting, fishing, hiking, or anything outdoors. We also can get help for veterans in need of help. Veterans Outdoor Opportunities group is for therapy, friendship, fellowship, or just to talk.. Helping slow the suicide rate for veterans. Any events or opportunities for veterans are free of charge for all veterans.

Veterans to Hunters

Our mission with the Veterans to Hunters program is simple and that’s to get Canadian veterans out hunting. From train and bus tickets, tags, outfitter fees, or camp-dues to established camps looking to strengthen their ranks with new members, we are going to be rite beside Veterans to ensure they can enjoy what Ontario has to offer with a smooth transition to its rich hunting heritage.

Zero Duck 30 Veterans Waterfowl Group (FB Only)

Our mission at ZERODUCK30 is to give Veterans a new outlook on what’s to come after you get that DD214 . We provide the opportunity to learn a new sport, get out in the field to hunt waterfowl, and feel that same sense of FAMILY the military gives us. Some of us that have been out can be used as a resource tool to help guide you in the right direction to receive medical help or give direction for schooling. Our main goal however, is to keep soldiers in touch and give them an outlet via a new sport that can be done alone or in a group setting.

Wounded War Heroes MS Deer Hunt

Started in 2016 we wanted to show wounded vets a little more. 10 vets from the WWH organization show up for an all inclusive 4 day hunt. This hunt brings comradery to the vets and volunteers to a new level. If interested in donating message us here.


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