10 Can Outdoors Adventure Network

Faith and family are key life elements for military and first responder personnel, yet most support organizations have historically overlooked their significance (this is why 10 CAN was created). Our public awareness campaign is changing that! By serving children and spouses we gain access to the hearts and minds of our nation’s heroes. It’s there that spiritual healing happens, and faith is rebuilt. Our goal is to be proactive in suicide prevention by using nature as a foundation to grow strong childhood roots, a means to heal hidden wounds, restore relationships, and ignite a purpose-driven life. [Read More]

Black Dagger Military Hunt Club

Who we are Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides shooting, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor opportunities for veterans andactive duty military (wounded and well) We are located in the greater Tampa Bay Florida area but operate around the state Many of our volunteers are retired or active duty military with a great deal of tactical and hunting experience We co-labor with other veteran groups and nonprofits to support those who give their all for our Nation! [Read More]

Fishing with America's Finest

Fishing with America’s Finest was originally designed as a way for the Stark Family to give back to our Nation’s Finest. Since its original inception it has grown with Chapters across South Florida consisting of Veterans, Professional Fishermen and Fisherwomen who want to continue supporting those who defended our way of life. The Program works with the VA Hospital System, Vet Centers, and Government offices at several different levels to bring awareness of treatment options other than medication to improve The QUALITY OF LIFE of these great HEROS. [Read More]

Freedom Fighter Outdoors

Our goal here at FFO is to raise awareness and seek public aid for needs, services and activities for injured veterans. Our events facilitate injured veterans in assisting each other through teamwork based outdoor recreational activities by providing unique, once in a lifetime outdoor activities. FFO honors and empowers our nations injured service veterans.

Freedom Waters Foundation

Freedom Waters Foundation provides boating and fishing opportunities for veterans and their family members, offering the opportunity to relax, leave their concerns on the dock and enjoy camaraderie with other veterans in a safe, enriching environment.

Hooked on Heroes

Hooked on Heroes is a non-profit organization that serves Veterans of all branches, with or without disabilities. We provide fishing trips for veterans at events. Our company supplies all the fishing needs necessary, including their fishing license for the day, so these men and women can enjoy a trip on the water, so they are not responsible for paying a dime. We provide various fishing items such as, fishing rods, reels, hooks, fishing line, popping corks, artificial bait, and other items. [Read More]

Hookin Veterans

The mission at Hookin’ Veterans is simple: to connect an ever-growing community of veterans and their families through a weekend of camaraderie and deep-sea fishing. Since most veterans claim to miss the bond of brotherhood that serving in the armed forces forges, Hookin’ Veterans goal is to help them reconnect with other service members and re-establish this bond in an effort to combat the increase of veteran suicide. At Hookin’ Veterans we provide, through our generous donors, an all-expense paid weekend fishing trip that is designed to be fun, relaxing and in some ways soothing to the soul of veterans and by extension their families. [Read More]

Jeep Sullivan's Outdoor Adventures Inc.

Jeep Sullivan’s Outdoor Adventures, Inc. is a 501c-3 non-profit organization enabling people of all ages to enjoy God’s great outdoors. We specialize in offeringour wounded warriors, veteran service men & women, along with our first responders, the ability to ‘relax, refresh and recharge’ while enjoying nature at its best.

Operation Home Shores

Operation Home Shores, Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization. All proceeds from any fundraising efforts go 100% to helping veterans find healing.We specialize in kayak fishing adventures, hunting, and camping retreats for Military Veterans.Fishing is a release from the stress. We provide a service FOR VETERANS, BY VETERANS. It is important to raise awareness within our community of the benefits that recreational therapy can have on our Heroes. Helping those who have fought for our freedom by introducing a healthy lifestyle, an outlet for frustration, assistance with re-integration, and personally guided trips with fellow compassionate Veterans. [Read More]

Operation Open Arms

Our Southwest Florida Fishing Captains have stepped up to the plate with some super offers for the service men and women who are on leave in the area. Fishing charters are limited to a single charter from only one of the contributors shown below during the 2-week period. Our captains and guides are able to offer this benefit by sharing the load among themselves. In many cases, the contributors have cancelled or rescheduled trips with paying customers so please let them know if you have to cancel your scheduled trip. [Read More]