Our goal is to say “thank you"to as many veterans as possible, by giving them some well deserved R&R (rest and relaxation), making some new friends, learning new skills,developing new hobbies, and personally having a great time.It is also a great way to help the fight against P.T.S.D. It`s the right thing to do!

Our GOALS are : Re~intigrateveteransback into society from their military past Inspireveterans to learn more about nature,and the enviroment Give back to those who have given so freely for you Helpveterans to get motivated about their future….. Teachveterans a new form of recreation, possibly a new hobby….

Our MISSION: To personally thank as many veterans as possible by taking them on outdoor adventures like fishing,golf,etc…and raise awareness of P.T.S.D.

http://www.veteransportsmen.com email takeavet@gmail.com phone:(615) 692-4888