Welcome to Operation Whitetail: With my father serving in the Vietnam War, at the age of 18, I know first hand how the wounds of the war affect both mentally and physically many young men and women. In May 2010, my husband, an avid hunter, decided to donate a weekend hunting expedition on our farm, which happens to reside on the Maryland/Delaware line, to a wounded soldier recovering at Walter Reed Hospital. In the organizing of this special weekend, we were overwhelmed with the amount of support from our fellow Americans wanting to give back to these soldiers, which by the end of June, gave birth to Operation Whitetail Inc. Operation Whitetail, Inc is a non profit organization established in the State of Delaware, to provide hunting opportunities to the wounded Veterans of America. It is our intention to have these veterans experience an unforgettable weekend as our part of thanking them for their sacrifice of defending our country ,one weekend at a time. Our funding for this program is generated by C.A.N.S (Citizens of America Never forgetting our Soldiers) recycle program and the generosity of our fellow Americans. Shayne http://www.operationwhitetail.org/