Arizona Elk Society started a new program “Hunts for Heroes” to help disabled veterans here in Arizona heal through hunting.

The AES “Hunts for Heroes” mission is to provide hunting opportunities in Arizona for our returning military veterans who have been left with a disability while in the service of our Nation’s military.

The Arizona Elk Society recognizes the need to provide opportunity for these veterans so they may once again enjoy hunting in the great outdoors. As an organization with Hunting Heritage as part of our mission we have an excellent opportunity to give back to the military community in a meaningful way.

As avid outdoor men and women we recognize the void in many veterans’ lives when they returned from duty with injuries that have impacted their ability to enjoy their favorite outdoor hunting activities. Our goal is to provide good opportunities for these men and women to get them back into the woods, able to enjoy the Hunting Heritage of Arizona.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department offers a very successful tag transfer program allowing a donated tag to go to a qualified 501c3 organization. The qualifying organization can then offer the tag to either children with life threatening illnesses or a disabled veteran that qualifies. There are numerous organizations working with children and the AES will continue to support these programs as they have in the past. The AES believes there is a need to offer more opportunity to the disabled veterans of Arizona.

Program Director Dave Holbrook set up the hunt with our great friends at High Point Outfitters from Flagstaff. John from HPO and his guides did a great job.